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Quiz: How well do you know Menzi Muck?

Think you're a Menzi Muck expert? Well, it's time to put your knowledge to the test. From its inception to its innovative features, this quiz will challenge you on everything Menzi Muck-related. Let's see if you have what it takes to crown yourself the ultimate Menzi Muck fan!

Menzi Muck Quiz

1. When was Menzi Muck founded?

a. 1966
b. 1982
c. 1990
d. 2001

2. Who invented the first walking excavator?

a. Ernst Menzi
b. Peter Muck
c. Markus Müller
d. Klaus Keller

3. Where is the headquarters of Menzi Muck located?

a. Switzerland
b. Germany
c. Austria
d. France

4. What is the primary focus of Menzi Muck's business?

a. Agricultural machinery
b. Construction machinery
c. Automotive parts
d. Consumer electronics

5. What innovation is Menzi Muck known for?

a. Compact excavators
b. Walking excavators
c. Skid steer loaders
d. Hydraulic cranes

6. What is the degree of rotation of Menzi Muck excavator?

a. 30 Degrees
b. 90 Degrees
c. 180 Degrees
d. 360 Degrees

7. How does Menzi Muck market its products worldwide?

a. Online advertising
b. Trade shows and exhibitions
c. Distributors and dealers
d. All of the above

8. What is Menzi Muck's approach to sustainability?

a. No focus on sustainability
b. Strong commitment to environmental conservation
c. Minimal efforts for sustainability
d. Adheres to legal requirements only

9. What is Menzi Muck's newest excavator series?

a. M3 series
b. M5 series
c. M8 series
d. M10 series

10. What sets Menzi Muck apart from other machinery companies?

a. Use of sustainable materials
b. Patented walking excavator technology
c. Affordable pricing strategy
d. Focus on Switzerland industry


5007 48 Ave, Redwater, AB, T0A 2W0


6216 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon BC, V1B 3R3