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AMI Graptor® Bucket

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When you need to pick up large, heavy objects, grab bucketfuls of debris or demolish a building, get a tighter grip on productivity with AMI’s Graptor® Bucket. Powered by a helical actuator, the Graptor® Bucket features incredible holding strength. The built-in rotary actuated thumb gives operators improved flexibility and precision by maintaining constant grip on the load throughout the bucket’s entire rotation.

Neatly integrated into the top crossbar of the Graptor®, the actuator produces up to 54,000 foot-pounds of holding strength at 3,000 psi – putting out the most torque in the most compact design - making the Graptor® a powerful tool that keeps a tight handle on heavy, bulky loads. US patents 10,774,498 and 10,774,501.

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