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AMI Ruckus Rake - Power Box Rake

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The Ruckus Rake - Power Box Rake from AMI is a bi-directional, hydraulically powered rotary rake made for your landscaping needs. This skidsteer power box rake is the only one on the market to feature up to 25-degree angling in either direction and 28-degree tilt up and down, so you can pulverize soil, level topsoil or gravel, remove trash, rocks, weeds and long grass or even create ditches and swales with ease.

Built-in electronic controls allow you to change rotor direction or tilt and angle the head from inside the cab. Two motors mean you'll get up to 40% more torque. The unique floating rotor drive system gives you greater rotational speed, and eliminates the need for rotor bearings or chains. Enjoy years-long wear life with road planing teeth made from Tungsten Carbide welded directly to the rotor and pointed to improve pulverizing capability.


  • Electric over hydraulic control valve, with built-in relief valve protection for contact with hard objects.
  • Unique floating rotor design, outfitted with pointed road planing teeth to improve pulverizing capability. Teeth made from tough Tungsten Carbide for years of wear life.
  • Adjustable side shields for a clean swath or use as a box grader
  • Ditch cutters on either end provide extended reach and easily move from push to pull with a 1-pin adjustment
  • Lifting lug for easy loading
  • Jack stand for easy connection

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