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AMI XMOR™ BHB Mining Bucket

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Increase payload and productivity with the XMOR™ BHB mining buckets from AMI Attachments. Built using Hardox® and Strenx™ steels which allows for reduced plate thickness, the AMI XMOR™ BHB mining bucket gives you up to 20 % more capacity, and yet weighs up to 30% LESS than an average bucket. Move more material in fewer loads with a design optimized for increased life and performance. Engineered for large excavators, the AMI XMOR™ BHB mining bucket is suitable for densities up to 3,030lbs per cubic yard.

It’s ideal for high-volume, dredging, aggregate operations, filling trucks, feeding crushers, and small- to medium-sized mining operations moving loose material. Move coal, sand, gravel and shot rock up to 20” in diameter. The rounded design provides additional structural integrity and the inverted keel moves the most intense contact and friction points from the bottom of the bucket to the bolt-on heels. Heels can be changed right on site in 1-2 hours, saving days in downtime and maintenance when compared to weld-on heel pads. Patent pending.

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