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FirstGreen Industries Elise 900

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The FirstGreen Industries Elise 900 is a groundbreaking innovation in the machinery world, being the first fully electric skid steer loader. This environmentally friendly machine stands alone in its category, offering zero environmental impact while delivering the power and capabilities of world-class loaders. The Elise 900 is equipped with three electric motors, two for travel and one dedicated to the hydraulic system. It boasts a battery life of 2-8 hours under load, with a full charge time of 5.3 hours. The Elise 900 is not only efficient but also versatile, with a range of accessories for handling various tasks.


  • Fully electric skid steer loader, 100% environmentally friendly
  • Three electric motors: two for travel, one for the hydraulic system
  • Battery life under load: 2 - 8 hours
  • Full charge time: 5.3 hours
  • Rated operating capacity: 1,984 lb
  • Maximum loader speed: 8.2 mph
  • Can be operated remotely via a special mobile application
  • Features include micro-speed, controlled stop, 47° side tilt, and a self-leveling platform
  • Enhanced chassis clearance and ergonomic design
  • Accessories available for handling logs, drilling, sweeping, mowing, and more 
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