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Hidromek HMK 410 LC UHD Crawler Excavator

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The Hidromek HMK 410 LC UHD Crawler Excavator is a high-performance machine designed for heavy-duty construction and excavation tasks. This exceptional excavator, praised for its performance, handling, and reliability, offers an impressive balance of power and precision. With a weight of 41.6 tons, it is equipped with a robust diesel engine and a bucket capacity of 2.5 cubic meters. Its advanced hydraulic system design ensures faster, more productive, and efficient work, producing more output with less fuel consumption.

  • Weight: 41.6 tons, ensuring stability and strength for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Transport dimensions: Length - 10.94m, Width - 3.5m, Height - 3.64m, allowing for easy transportation.
  • Bucket capacity: 2.5 cubic meters, enabling large volume excavation.
  • Undercarriage: LC, providing robust support and durability.
  • Engine type: Diesel, offering reliable and powerful performance.
  • Reinforced heavy-duty construction, ensuring maximum performance and durability.
  • Advanced hydraulic system design, enabling faster and more efficient operation.
  • Enhanced safety features including automatic starting horn, swing warning system, and travel warning system.
  • Wide vision capacity with minimized blind spots and improved night vision, ensuring operator safety.
  • Produced by Hidromek, a trusted name in the heavy machinery industry.