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HitchDoc Push-Off Bucket

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Infinitely improve your skid steer attachments with the innovative, patent-pending ejector bucket now known as the Push-Off Bucket, manufactured by HitchDoc.


  • No More Shaking: Make shaking sticky materials from your bucket a thing of the past along with the wear and tear on your machine from dumping dense material
  • Reaching Higher Heights: Increase your usual dump height by 3 feet to build taller piles or reach taller trailers without the risk of sidewall damage
  • Extending Your Reach: Add up to 4 feet on your dump reach for a better material spread or balanced loading when reaching the middle of trailers
  • Flawless Controlled Motions: Speed your dump cycle to a nearly instant dump of less than 2 seconds or slow down with feathered motions for accurate placement
  • Self-Cleaning Extractor Blade: Don’t worry about getting materials stuck behind the hydraulically powered extractor, the adjustable seal scraps and removes material in the back of the bucket if necessary
  • Move High Volumes in Minimal Time:Through extensive testing of this patent-pending product, no material stands a chance to stick and can be ejected from the bucket in seconds
  • Dislodge Dense Materials: Clay, compost, dry dirt, mud, sand, and snow can be forced out of the bucket instantly without excess war on your machine
  • Easy-Moving Ejects: For precise placement of concrete, gravel, mulch or backfilling trenches, slowly operate the ejector blade with in-cab controls for accurate materials placements