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Menzi Master M515 Tracked Excavator

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The Menzi Master M515 Tracked Excavator is a unique and powerful machine, exclusively available from Menzi Muck. A 14 ton excavator with track chassis and 157 hp that outperforms all existing machines! The world first features a telescopic arm and special wide-angle kinematics – a combination that finally makes the impossible possible! The power unit is ideal as an equipment-carrier for accessories with a particularly high consumption as well as operators who previously had to make do with less! The short-tail tracked excavator is suitable for applications where a low foundation pressure is paramount and restricted available space demands a concept that is leading on the market.


  • Menzi Powerboom: There is a lot of innovation in the new and unique excavator arm of the M Series. Unique to Menzi, the boom cylinder is arranged horizontally in the centre part. Collisions at the boom cylinder are therefore impossible.

  • Wide-angle kinematics with power booster: The Menzi kinematics opens new dimensions: optimum work in the close-up range at the minimum possible swivel radius is contrasted with maximum stretching of the boom. The Menzi power booster thereby supplies the highest possible forces over the whole working range.
  • Panorama cockpit: A free view of the entire working environment provide the operator with safety and complete control in all situations. The spacious cab provides a perfect sense of space and many practical details for relaxed working.

  • Track chassis with variable track gauge, from 2,500 to 3,500 mm

  • Machine weight without tools 14,500 kg
  • Climbing ability 94%
  • Foundation pressure 0.35 kg/cm2