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Menzi Universal Grabs

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 Universal grabs, special grabs or special designs on request


  • Full swivel: The over-dimensioned, wear-free hydraulic three-stage motors in a compact design are rated not only for high axial but also high radial loads.
  • Blades and side blades are made of Hardox 400.
  • Protected mechanism: The cross-brace accommodates both: The powerful hydraulic cylinder and the synchronous steering mechanism.
  • Tooth system: Teeth angled slightly inwards ensure optimised grab characteristics, even with maximum opening widths.
  • Under control: The cylinder for the clam shell closing function is equipped with a check valve. This prevents the clam shells being opened accidentally.
  • Control: Ideally, there should be two double-acting hydraulic circuits on the machine side. If only one circuit is available, the „open/ close“ and „swivel left/right“ functions can be electrically switched via an additional directional control valve.
  • For external products too: Over 2000 Menzi universal grabs are already in daily use in harsh industrial applications. We offer a finely-tuned programme with seven different sizes for excavators from 1 to 25 tonnes.
  • Upon request: Every grab is available without teeth (only with blade), with snap-on blades or with various quick-change mechanisms.