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Weycor AW 1070 Compaction Roller

by Weycor

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The Weycor AW 1070 Compaction Roller is a state-of-the-art piece of machinery designed for the construction industry. This roller, a product of the collaboration between Atlas Weyhausen and Comer Industries, is powered by a robust 62 kW engine. It is primarily used for stabilizing soil in the construction of roads, runways, and railway track beds.


  • Operating weight of 7.1 tons, ensuring effective compaction.
  • Gradeability of 45% with vibration and 50% without vibration, allowing it to operate efficiently on various terrains.
  • Equipped with a Deutz TD 2.9 L4 engine model that meets EU STAGE 5 emission standards.
  • Engine output of 54 kW (72.4 HP), providing substantial power reserves.
  • Robust, maintenance-free articulated pendulum joints for exceptional maneuverability.
  • No-spin axle with permanent differential lock for best traction and maximum climbing power.
  • Optional front and rear scrapers for removing accumulated material on wet and cohesive soils.
  • Convertible smooth drum into a pad foot drum with an optional segment kit.
  • Ergonomic arrangement of operating controls and compaction measurement devices for safe operation.
  • Low-emission diesel engines with efficient water cooling, suitable for heavy-duty operation even at extreme outside temperatures up to 55°C.
  • ECO-Mode feature that reduces noise exposure and fuel consumption by up to 30%.
  • 2-stage vibratory system with high compaction capacity for surface and deep compaction.
  • Speed of 0–10 km/h and angular movement of ±12°.
  • Tyres size: 16,9–24.
  • Easy maintenance with widely openable engine hood and low-maintenance components.
  • HA-Control for perfect adaptation to different types of soil and improved climbing ability.