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Wimmer MiniBadger

by Wimmer

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The MiniBadger® is a compact tunnel excavator designed for maximum safety and precision in tunnel construction. This highly efficient machine is ideal for tunnel cross-sections from 6.2 m². The MiniBadger® stands out due to its flexibility and high level of efficiency, making it a reliable choice for any tunneling project.

This tunneling machine is unique as it does not have a driver's cab and is solely controlled via remote control. Despite its compact size, the MiniBadger® has a substantial total weight of approximately 12 tons, which generates a high breakout and tear-out force, ensuring effective and efficient excavation.

Key Features:
  • Compact Design: The MiniBadger® is a compact excavator, making it suitable for smaller tunnel cross-sections from 6.2 m².
  • Remote Control Operation: The machine does not have a driver's cab and is entirely controlled via a remote control, enhancing safety and operational flexibility.
  • High Total Weight: With a total weight of around 12,000 kg, the MiniBadger® generates a high breakout and tear-out force.
  • Intelligent Technology: The MiniBadger® features intelligent technology in detail, including a special tunnel swivel arm with 2 x 45 ° swivel bearing, optimum lateral routing of hoses and lines, and a special cylinder arrangement for better component protection.
  • Versatile Attachment Tools: The MiniBadger® can be equipped with various attachment tools such as tunnel buckets, hydraulic breakers, demolition shears, and drilling units.
  • Quick Coupler: The Wimmer quick coupler allows for easier tool changing, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Optimized Kinetics: The boom kinetics of the MiniBadger® are optimized for tunnel driving, ensuring precise and efficient operation.