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What excavator is used for tunneling?

What excavator is used for tunneling?

In the world of construction, tunneling is a task that demands precision, power, and durability. The choice of excavator can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of the operation. Among the myriad of options available in the market, two machines stand out for their exceptional performance in tunneling tasks - the Wimmer Blue Badger and the Wimmer YellowFox.

The Wimmer Blue Badger, launched on May 29, 2019, is specifically designed to work in smaller tunnel cross-sections, starting from 3.5 meters. It features a single boom with a 2x 45° swivel, making it an ideal choice for demanding tunneling work. The Blue Badger's compact design and robust construction allow it to bore through a variety of soil and rock strata, from hard rock to sand, making it a versatile tool in any tunneling project.

On the other hand, the Wimmer YellowFox, announced on September 15, 2023, is a highly flexible and efficient machine. It boasts a breakout force of 120 kN and a tear force of 115 kN. With an operating weight of approximately 22 tons and an engine power of 90 kW Tier IV Final Stage, the YellowFox is built to handle heavy-duty tasks. Its boom can be swiveled by 45 degrees and features a push rod to allow the cylinder to be concealed and protected, enhancing its durability.

The YellowFox is also equipped with advanced safety features, including an integrated fire extinguishing system, an emergency stop button, and an optional Blaxtair person detection system. These features, coupled with its high efficiency and flexibility, make the YellowFox a reliable choice for tunneling operations.

Both the Blue Badger and YellowFox are products of Wimmer Hartstahl, a leading manufacturer of tunnel excavators based in Thalgau, Austria. Known for their innovative and high-quality products, Wimmer's excavators are designed explicitly for smaller tunnel cross-sections, ensuring maximum safety and precision in tunnel construction.

In conclusion, when it comes to tunneling, the Wimmer Blue Badger and YellowFox excavators are top contenders. Their robust construction, advanced features, and proven efficiency make them ideal choices for any tunneling project. Whether you're boring through hard rock or sand, these machines are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

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